Consortium of Reproductive Health Associations


  CORHA is an organizational expression of the determination of NGOs committed to the provision of comprehensive, integrated and sustainable Sexual and Reproductive Health information and services in Ethiopia. Since its establishment in 1995, CORHA has been functioning effectively in creating platforms for policy discussion and dialogue, coordinating members’ activities and representing its members in higher level platforms such as Joint Consultative Forum, Protection of Basic Service- Ethiopian Social Accountability Program (ESAP), Health Population Donors Group.  CORHA is Reproductive Health focused Consortium well organized in terms of membership and structure, and recognized for its excellence and reputation.

New Member Registration

We are delighted to announce that we started to accept/Register new members and we would ask those organizations who want to be a CORHA member to submit their application to CORHA office.

You can find the application form Here


TOR  for preparing members profile  Download TOR Here

TOR  for RM Strategy Development Download TOR Here

TOR  for consultancy service to prepare Finance Manual Final Download TOR Here

TOR  for consultancy service to prepare HR Manual.Download TOR Here

TOR  for consultancy service to prepare Procurement  Manual.Download TOR Here

TOR for OE final.Download TOR Here


Training on Gender, Culture and Disability MainstreamingDownload TOR Here

Training on Policy Dialogue SkillsDownload TOR Here

Training on Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Materials DevelopmentDownload TOR Here

Board Governance and Leadrship Training : Download TOR Here

consultancy service to undertake SP for member Organization: Download TOR Here

Financial Management Training :  Download TOR Here

Resource Mobilization Training  : Download TOR Here


The 3rd National Conference on Population and  Development Click Here


 Roadmap for the Development of 2008-2012EFY Health Sector Development Programme

The Federal Ministry of Health has developed a road map for the development of 2008-2012 EFY  Health Sector Development Program (HSDP Ⅴ) Click here for more





Call for proposal for corha member organizations 


Members Login Form


  • Training on communication and presentation skills at DSW Bonita youth training center

  • Dissemination of organizational capacity Assessment report, here in Addis Ababa

  • Consultative Workshop on research findings on “Harmful Cultural and Social Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Girls in Addis Ababa” at Ras Amba Hotel on June 27th 2014 at 8:30 am.

  • CORHA's General Assembly will be held on 21st of March,2014 at Hilton Hotel

  • AYSRH Learning Forum of CORHA Grantees Establishment will be held on Monday February 10, 2014.

  • CORHA Board of Directors and Donors Joint Meeting will be held on Wednesday February 12, 2014.

  • Afar Region SRH Discussion Forum  1st Quarter Meeting will be held on Wednesday February 12, 2014.